The Ceili Band

The Ceili Band

Thursday, 24 July 2014

At the Winter School a couple of tutors taught new tunes by playing them over and over at varying speeds until everybody had picked them up.  Last week Steve trialled that method when teaching two hornpipes, Hills of Tara and Glenbeigh.  It worked quite well for us.

This week we found it wasn't so easy with the reel being taught so broke the tune into phrases of about four bars each.  This worked efficiently and we now have The Belfast Traveller mastered.  (well, perhaps a little more practice needed. :)  )

Those currently attending the classes have been at it for a year or two now and are comfortable with the pace.  However don't be put off if you are a beginner and want to come along.  We are more than happy to provide more individual tutoring at a slower speed.  Just let us know.

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